Frequently asked questions

Know what you’re getting

What is a Shout?

A Shout is an advertisement that allows you to make the most any content that you share on social media by providing a platform where you can reach this audience beyond the social network.

You can reach new and undiscovered audiences with every Shout you share.

What is a Profile?

A Profile describes the product you wish to promote and every product you are promoting needs a profile. With this profile you will be able to:-

  • Find great content to share
  • See all the shouts you have created
  • Analyze the performance of your Shouts

So, how does it work?

Each piece of content you share is wrapped in a special page which is used to display the content with your Shout on it. Each of these special pages (or Shouts) is given it's own unique link which you can then share on any of your social media channels.

When will my Shout appear?

Your Shout will appear every time someone views the content using the unique link for your Shout and an impression will be recorded. You can maximise your reach by posting the unique link for your Shout on any of your social media channels.

What type of Shouts do you allow?

Currently we only allow Shouts to contain links. This will be continually reviewed and new variations added over time.

Where can I share my Shouts?

Your Shout is compatible with all social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) and mobile messaging applications (i.e. WhatsApp, Line). You can even share it as a link in an email if you wish.

Will it harm or devalue the original publisher's content?

No, we have added the appropriate indicators into your Shout to ensure the original publisher is given full credit for the content. These indicators will inform any search engines that examine your Shout where to find the original content and any SEO benefit should be attributed there.

How do I suggest an improvement?

You can send an email to with any suggestions or feedback you may have. All feedback is greatly appreciated!